Kanzlei Welten

Kanzlei Welten’s focus on services offered are:

private individuals

  • Contract law in general; We support you in drafting and assessing of contracts in general like e.g. employment and sale contracts or contracts for work and services, which may refer to all your life situations. Furthermore, we support you in negotiations and drafting of contracts.
  • Inheritance and Succession Planning:

We advise you in relation to succession planning, settlement and distribution and enforcement (executor) of estates and represent you in all litigations in relation to the estate. We support you to find an optimized protection for your family assets for several generations. In cooperation with notaries, we are able to assist you in relation to contracts of successions or other transactions to be notarized throughout Switzerland.

  • Investments and Taxes:

We counsel you in all tax related matters and assist you in structuring and secure your investments based on your needs.

  • Real Estates and Construction Law:

Within our network we continuously receive interesting offers to purchase or participate in swiss or international real estates. We support you in the selection of your choice when buying, renting, selling, maintaining, renovating or rebuilding the property of your desire. In doing so we use our relationships with architects, construction companies and other real estate professionals in the greater Berne area and Gstaad / Saanenland.

  • Trials, administrative and arbitration proceedings:

We have many years of experience in evaluating chances and risks in connection with possible and impending procedures and lawsuits of all kind, such as civil proceedings, cantonal and federal administrative procedures as well as national or international arbitrations. We represent you in front of regional and national courts, in the french and italian speaking part with the involvement of local attorneys from our network if needed. For national and international arbitration proceedings we, offer our services in English as well.

Legal Entities:

  • General legal advice / external “inhouse counsel”:

We advise you regarding general legal questions related to your internal and external company matters, like e.g. in the area of employment work and services or mandates, lease and sale or any other area of your company’s activities. We especially are able to assist you in international matters in relationship with our network partners. In addition, we support you to be compliant with all corporate law regulations or we support your efforts to close shareholders‘ agreements with co-investors. Furthermore, we support you with the registration, care and enforcement of your intellectual property rights.

  • M & A / corporate law, structures and corporate finance:

We like to assist you in the area of mergers x acquisition or the cooperation with other companies, help to prepare meetings of the board of directors and of shareholders structure the different activities of your company and to be your “sounding board” of your management and your board of directors. We help you to find the correct structure and financing of your business.

  • Dept Collection, Enforcement and Restructuring:

We are able to take over the collection of your outstanding receivables and represent you in debt collection or bankruptcy before the competent authorities.

  • Foundation, Restructuring and Liquidation:

We have a longstanding experience in the field of foundation or liquidation of legal entities and we support you when structurally or financially restructuring your business.

  • Board of Directors / Administration:

We are willing to engage ourselves as a member or secretary of the board of directors of your company and bring in our Know-How and commitment to strategically manage your company. When rendering services as a secretary of the board, we make sure that your company is compliant with Swiss Law and that the minutes of the board of directors / shareholders’meeting are diligently edited.

  • Administrative, legal and arbitration proceedings:

We represent your company before authorities or courts in Switzerland, as well as in national or international arbitrations.

  • Management Consultancy, Accounting, Finances and Taxes:

In cooperation with our local, national or international partners we are able to provide you further services in the area of accounting, taxes and general management consulting.

Accounting, Finances and Taxes:

Thanks to the cooperation with fiduciary companies within “KanzleiWelten”, or based on your choice, we can offer you payroll, accounting, auditing, financing and taxservices for your company on a national or international level.


  • Consulting of associations, Clubs and Athletes:

Many years of experience and a large network in the sportsworld helped us to gain the necessary know-how to counsel and support you in all areas of the management of a club or an association, as e.g. building up the structures and drafting the statutes and regulations of an association or negotiating the acquisition of or participation in another club.

We do also represent, athletes when changing clubs or having disputes with a club or an association. Our experience foremost refers to all Olympic sports, as well as motor racing and the Swiss sport “Schwingen”.

  • Court and Arbitration Proceedings:

We represent you and counsel you in national and international court and arbitration proceedings.

  • Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS/CAS):

Our founder, Mr. Bernhard Welten was involved in over 100 CAS arbitration proceedings as a sole arbitrator, party arbitrator or chairman of the panel. Moreover, he was as CAS arbitrator at the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang 2018. Further he has experience in other arbitration proceedings like e.g. the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS).

  • Board Functions:

We are happy to support you as board or commission member of your association or board member of your club, as well as a secretary of your association or club on a mandate basis.

  • General Legal Advice / Association Law:

We further support you regarding general legal advice in all varieties of the sport law, such as for example in relation to associations or disciplinary matters.

Family Office Services:

  • Relocation; Authorities Contact; Administration;

Our main goal is to make your relocation to Switzerland as easy as possible for you. We therefore help to find your new home in Switzerland and take care of all the necessary registrations with the competent authorities. During your stay in Switzerland we assist you in all administrative matters and we stay in for contact with the competent authorities.

  • Trusts, Foundations, Asset Protection;

We advise you on the establishment, structure and administration of your trust or foundation structures to protect your assets based on your needs for generations to come. Furthermore, we are willing to serve as a member of the board of trustees or trustee / protector.

  • Asset Management, Investments Art and Real Estate:

Through our network we are able to offer you interesting investments in art and real estate. Regarding such investments, partly through partners of KanzleiWelten, we are able to advice you regarding taxes, customs and inheritance/estate matters as well as in relation to insurance. Furthermore, we are able to support you regarding storage, trading, lending and maintenance of your variable objects.

  • Legal, Taxes:

Due to our long-standing experience, we are able to find solutions regarding your intercantonal, national and international coordination problems with authorities, including tax authorities.