KanzleiWelten was established in 2017 by Mr. Bernhard Welten, attorney-at-law, LL.M. Bernhard Welten has completed his studies at the University of Berne and successfully took his bar exam in 1995. During the years 1998/99 he graduated as LL.M. from Duke School of Law, North Carolina, USA with a special focus in Commercial Law and Corporate Finance. Since January 1, 1996 he started to work as an independent lawyer, first as an employee and as of January 1, 2000 as a Partner in a medium-sized law firm in Berne, until he established KanzleiWelten in the beginning of 2017.

KanzleiWelten does offer you various in the areas of law, taxes, finances / accounting as well as members of board of directors / secretariat; involving external experts further services in the area of notary public and asset management. Thanks to … standing active cooperation in an international network of medium-sized law-firms and accounting firms ( as well as the development of a Swiss network of law-firms, KanzleiWelten is able to ensure these services not only on a regional or national level but also on a worldwide level. Geographically, the focus of our business activities is in the greater Berne area as well as the Gstaad / Saanenland area with a strong international focus.

Cornerstone of KanzleiWelten is providing high quality services in a discrete manner. Thus, the relationships between employees of KanzleiWelten and clients are characterized by long-standing strategic cooperation’s, which are based on mutual trust, competence, discreetness and high ethical standards.

Kanzlei Welten’sinternational alliance, TAG Alliances, has recently published its Annual Review 2021. With a theme of “Onward”, the TAG Alliances Annual Review is presented in a dynamic, digital format which includes a number of features such as infographics, member success story videos, and major highlights from the year. View the TAG Alliances Annual Review at